UFO Sightings Must See Footage March 19th 2017

UFO Sightings Must See Footage March 19th 2017. ©iUFOSightings.
UFO Sightings newly released footage. This UFO was supposedly filmed in the 1980’s it has just been released to us. This UFO looks almost like it could be meteor. The UFO has multiple pieces that are together. The last piece of the UFO does not seem connected but it is moving with the rest of the object. There also seems to be some energy on the UFO. The source said he enhanced this footage. We don’t know exactly what he did to it.
UFO Sightings Night Vision. This is great UFO footage that comes to us from the Ukraine. The source and his friends where partying when they saw this UFO. The UFO is barely visible without the night vision camera. The source was messing around with the night vision camera filming his friends when he noticed the UFO. The UFO seems to be a classic shaped object. Not sure what the material is made out of. We are going to have to say proof positive on this UFO video.
UFO Sighting Object Disappears. The source was saying bye to his daughter as she was going to school. When she left he headed back toward the house only to see this UFO in the sky. He pulled out his iPhone and started filming the UFO. This is clear UFO footage. What is this UFO made out of? In the end of the video the UFO just disappears into thin air. There is a lot of distortion before the UFO is gone.
UFO Sightings from inside a plane. This footage was taken over the Atlantic ocean. This UFO footage has been stabilized by the source. This UFO could possibly be made of metal. It is trying to distort itself. The UFO looks like a disk shaped object. This UFO is moving pretty fast and is passing the plane. Excellent UFO footage here…
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