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2017: A Year of Victory


This is your year of victory! Now, you will pass over to that side of victory. Your victory has come. This is marking the end of your weeping, gnashing of teeth, agonizing, tormenting from the enemy. This is marking the end of that mockery. You have stayed too long on that side. Now, rise and go over to the side of victory in Jesus’ name! Victory means conquest, triumph, win, success. I see you now crossing over victoriously in Jesus’ name! And to begin to cross over also means that you have been some where before now, but the place has been suppressing, holding back, unfavorable, unpleasant or unproductive. But Thank God, your year of changing positions has come. Praise God! Let’s go.

Israel was in that terrible situation like you. In Egypt, they were in slavery – suffering and suffocation. They were in a total hopeless captivity with no sign of help or deliverance. But at the appointed time God came for them. They were already resigned to their fate when He suddenly sent a deliverer to them. Yes, God moves suddenly! He comes unexpectedly – mostly when you have given up hope, when people have written you off, when your enemies, oppressors would have started rejoicing over you, then suddenly He would show up. My God! Look at His power coming for you now! Nothing, nobody, no power, no conspiracy, no power of hell can stop this move. You are due and will certainly move to victory, healing, recovery now. All win, all you lost will also be recovered.

When God brought Israel out of Egypt, in one move He displaced and decimated their enemies. He changed their statues, vision and also made them rich. Yes, very rich. We will soon discuss that. Divine deliverance will always come with divine reparation. Israel came out with silver and gold. In fact, the bible said that they ‘spoilt the Egyptians’. That is, they stripped, ruined, damaged, devastated and messed them up economically. They went away with all the gold and silver of Egypt! Praise God! We are not just having our victory, but we will celebrate it with silver and gold. True. One translation says the He brought them out with great wealth. It was immense, enormous, large, and stupendous. Wow! Great wealth indeed!

These are what this new year holds for you if you will believe this message. As Israel’s deliverance was hinged on believing on God’s message through Moses, your victory will be triggered off by your believe on what you are reading now. As Moses spoke to them, I speak to you today. As He spoke to the king of Egypt, I speak to your pharaoh to release you now! God has sent these words to bring you out of your suffering and slavery. Come out now in Jesus’ name! Share this message with others. We will continue next week. Happy New Year!


Source by Gabriel Agbo

Why Is Our Government and Media Obsessed With Russian Hacking and Trump’s Favorable Opinion of Putin


Most of the media seems obsessed with the idea that Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump because of Russian interference. The media is also convinced that being friendly with Russia is the wrong approach, and that Putin is manipulating Trump. In addition, although they have often lied to us, every one seems willing to believe our various security agencies. To see the truth one must cut through the fog of our government’s propaganda.

Before I get into the meat of this article, let me briefly explain our relationship with Russia. Russia and China are at the top of our government’s enemy list. When a government is on a wartime budget, as the US is, it needs enemies, and these enemies must be painted as devils who are out to get us. As we try to disengage from the Mideast, the government and corporate interests must find a new bogeyman to frighten our citizens with; our frightened citizens always allow massive expenditures on the military and their weapons. Now, we in the US have been setting up Russia to replace Islam as our bogeyman. Fighting a cold war with Russia is easier than fighting numerous guerrilla wars that can last decades.

Putting aside the issue of whether the Russian government played a part in hacking both the private email account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, and the emails of the Democratic National Committee (DNC); most countries, including the US, hack. The question we should ask is “Was the released information true?” No one has said that it was not true. It remains to ask if the WikiLeaks email release turned the tide of our election away from Clinton and toward Trump as the media claims. I don’t think so.

Before the hacked emails were made public, we all knew that the DNC was trying to keep Bernie Sanders out of the public’s eye by the way they scheduled the Clinton-Sanders debates: they scheduled them at times when most people would not be watching. That the media was complicit in the effort was shown by their often repeated message that it was mathematically impossible for Sanders to beat Clinton in the count of delegates. This was not true because they were counting the presumed votes of the super delegates before those delegates had even voted. This lie cost Sanders many votes, because a large number of voters did not vote for him because the media told them that he was a sure looser.

Clinton lost to Trump because she was the wrong candidate for the time. While Sanders and Trump were passionate about helping the vanishing middle-class and the low wage earner; Clinton carried on–making some small concessions to the Sanders supporters–with the tired old establishment line. With Clinton, it would have been more war and an increase of wealth for the one percenters. The Democrats brought about their own failure, and now they are desperately trying to blame it on the Russians.

Trump is most certainly different: a businessman not a politician, a wild card. In Trump, I see a work in progress. A large part of Trump’s business is the sale of his name for buildings and hotels; they appear all over the world. Trump will not soil his name by making shady deals. I like Trump’s attitude about Russia and China. Instead of saber rattling, he would like to make deals with them that benefit all parties. This could lead to greater stability in the world, and a reduced expenditure on weapons. Trump has also begun putting the brakes on industries planning to leave our country. In addition, he plans to come down on big-pharma, and rein in the high cost of defense contracts. I don’t know what his plans are for replacing Obama Care and a dozen other programs, but I’m prepared to remain alert while hoping for the best.

I am really depressed by the media’s frenzy to blame all that’s wrong with our undemocratic elections on Putin and Russia. I don’t think we have a true democracy in the US. The voting citizen is uninformed or misinformed and we have to rely whistle blowers for the truth. Our government imprisons these truth tellers when they can catch them. Gerrymandering, super delegates, voting machines that do not provide a paper record or ones where we cannot inspect the code, the Electoral College, and winner-take-all schemes rig our national elections in favor of the establishment.

Fellow citizens, Trump will soon be president, let’s stop tearing him down before the fact. Let us be hopeful that a new way will be a better way. The time to get angry is when he missteps. If warranted, those are the times to oppose and expose him. Stay alert and aware, and be on guard against massive attacks from those who have gamed the system for far too long. On this last point, Trump himself is an expert at gaming the system, so he must be closely watched.


Source by Burton Becker

Howard Hughes: America’s Notorious Bisexual Billionaire


Howard Hughes: Hell’s Angel

America’s Notorious Bisexual Billionaire

By Darwin Porter

Blood Moon Productions, April 2005, hardbound, $26.95

814 pages, ISBN# 0-9748118-1-5, with 175 vintage photos

When Howard Hughes (now known to movie fans as “The Aviator”) was 18, his father, the mega-wealthy owner of the Hughes Tool Company, found out that his son had homosexual tendencies. Repulsed by the discovery and irritated at behavior he considered disloyal, Howard Senior replaced his existing will with one that would have left his son wealthy but without the autocratic power that he had himself enjoyed. But just a few moments before he could execute the new document, Howard Senior suffered a fatal heart attack in his Houston office.

If he had signed it before his death the history of American aviation, and the history of Hollywood filmmaking, might have been very different.

Before his dad was in the ground, Howard (he never used “Junior” again) tore the new will into shreds and single-mindedly went after the other beneficiaries of his father’s estate, his grandparents and his uncle. “I don’t want to own 75 percent of Toolco,” he told his father’s attorney. “I want to own one-hundred percent so I’ll not have to report to anyone.”

With persuasion, bullying, and something approaching blackmail, he was eventually able to acquire the balance of the outstanding shares thereby gaining complete control. The rest is history. Beholden to no one, with virtually unlimited funds at his disposal, Howard Hughes and his infinite ego set out to create an empire. Three empires actually: Toolco grew without much input from Hughes into a billion dollar company; Hughes Aviation propelled Howard at the forefront of 20th century flight; and Caddo Productions, which later evolved into RKO Pictures, established him as a major filmmaker.

Hollywood biographer Darwin Porter has outdone himself with Hell’s Angel. His previous two intimate portraits, of Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn, set a new standard for detailed, tell-all biographies. Now, with 814 pages on “America’s Notorious Bisexual Billionaire,” Porter raises the literary bar again. Beginning with his own eavesdropping as a child on the set of Slattery’s Hurricane, where his mother worked as an assistant to both Linda Darnell and Veronica Lake, Porter continued through decades of interviews with literally hundreds of Hughes’ associates, intimate and casual. His own research was bolstered by the extensive unpublished memoirs of his long-time writing partner, the late Stanley Mills Haggart, a former roommate of both Cary Grant and Randolph Scott. (The 15-page index is a veritable encyclopedia of the film industry: from Aherne, Brian to Zanuck, Darryl.)

Because of the very personal nature of this oral history, most of this detail has never seen print before. The press in the 1940s and ’50s, even the nosy Hollywood gossip columnists, could not print the revelations Porter spreads out on these pages. Be warned, he doesn’t expurgate these tales. Sometimes it gets very intimate; I really didn’t need to know about Clark Gable’s smegma problem, for example.

The dictionary has two definitions for the word “profligate.” Howard Hughes personified them both: “completely given up to licentiousness” and “wildly extravagant.” Extravagant, as when he dumped a load of diamonds, rubies and gemstones in the lap of the young Elizabeth Taylor while she lounged by a hotel swimming pool. (She was not impressed.)

And, as with so many rich and powerful men, sex was a constant. Porter documents Hughes’ relationships, all the famous ones, including Ava Gardner, Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn and Gloria Vanderbilt on the distaff side and Cary Grant, Tyrone Power, Robert Taylor and Errol Flynn on the other.

Many of Hughes’s conquests remain nameless. As a heavyweight Hollywood producer he put dozens of would-be actresses, usually teenage lovelies come to California hoping to break into the movies, under contract. Then he’d audition them on his casting couch.

If you’ve seen the movie, now discover the rest of the Howard Hughes story.


Source by John C Stickler

Hollywood of Today – Synergy Marketing Strategy


New Millennium of Filmmaking

In the New Millennium of filmmaking, Hollywood operates according to a synergy marketing strategy. This is because the new Hollywood of Today is no longer controlled by the former studio giants founded during the studio system that was prevalent from the early 1920s to the 1950s. Columbia, Warner Brothers, Twentieth Century-Fox, Universal, RKO, Paramount Pictures, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer are not structured in the same way they were years ago. Today, the Hollywood film industry is quite different.

For example, the majority of the profits from a motion picture release do not come from box office ticket sales as they did during the studio system years. The bulk of the profits come from a myriad of other marketing avenues. In the Hollywood of Today, film production companies give official, legal permission to market their movie characters and corresponding stories to other business markets for increased profits. These businesses include sale of books, music, clothing, games, digital streaming and downloads of movies through television, sale of optical disk media, amusement parks as well as a multitude of other synergistic sales avenues.

This was not the case during the earlier studio system where the majority of profits came from ticket sales. Therefore, even though a studio in Hollywood today may look the same physically on the outside, it operates to a completely different way of business on the inside.

Film Studio Ownership by Large Businesses and International Conglomerates

Hollywood film studios and independent filmmaking companies are now owned by large businesses and international conglomerates. These large corporations have a myriad of business industries under single ownership. As a result, motion picture production and distribution is just one of the many types of business aspects that these huge firms receive money from on a regular basis. Examples of the transition of independent film studios to large business firms include:

(1) Columbia Studio is now owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation,

(2) Warner Brothers is now owned by Time Warner, Inc.,

(3) Twentieth Century-Fox is now a subsidiary of News Corporation,

(4) Universal Studios is a subsidiary of NBC Universal which is now owned by General Electric,

(5) Paramount Pictures is now owned by Viacom International, and

(6) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) is partly owned by Sony Corporation along with several other large business firms.

Business Structure and Operation in the New Millennium of Filmmaking

In the Hollywood of Today, Hollywood film studios are no longer independent. They are now owned by large international firms and businesses. Therefore, Hollywood film production and distribution is only one of a multitude of different types of commerce these huge conglomerates participate in on a daily basis. Hollywood film revenues represent only one portion of a large corporation’s business dealings. As a result, this new business structure and commercial framework has resulted in a blockbuster/sequel frame-of-mind upheld by a synergy marketing strategy.

With the many different types of marketing avenues now available through the commercial enterprises of large business firms and international conglomerates, the Hollywood of Today has transitioned to a film style and mode of production that capitalizes on the concentrated synergistic effect of film-related sale of merchandise and other media offshoots.


Source by Adrian Robbe